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The Power of Circuit Training Exercises

The Power of Circuit Training Exercises

When trying to build muscle and lose fat, circuit training is by far one of the best ways to do so. But before you start you should have a little insight of the two types of training methods you will implement into your circuit program. These two different methods of training are Aerobic and Anaerobic conditioning.

Aerobic training is defined as activities performed at a low intensity, for a extended periods of time. A good duration for an effective aerobic exercise should last anywhere between 20 to 45 minutes. Exercises such as cycling and running for long distances are considered great methods of aerobic training. These are traditionally the preferred methods to burn fat, but they are not necessarily the most effective.

circuit training exercisesAnaerobic circuit training exercises are defined as activities performed where oxygen is used up more rapidly than the body is able to replenish inside the working muscle. Anaerobic conditioning consists of muscles contracting at high intensities for short durations of time. Weight lifting, sprinting, and plyometrics are good examples of anaerobic circuit training exercises. Sports that execute high levels of anaerobic conditioning for example are football and mixed martial arts.

A widely popular misconception about Aerobic circuit training exercises are that they are the best way to lose fat and burn off calories. The most effective way to lose fat is by replacing it with muscle. Muscle naturally causes your metabolism to work at a higher rate throughout the day, causing you to burn fat and calories more rapidly. Only performing aerobic exercises will help you lose fat, but it will cause you to lose muscle as well. Doing just aerobic training is the long way to lose fat. The most effective means to lose fat and get ripped is done by implementing both anaerobic and aerobic movements into one workout regimen to achieve the maximum results you desire. This is done with Circuit Training.

The simplicity of circuit training exercises

Circuit training consist of 5-8 exercises completed one right after another with little to no rest in between them. Each exercise will mainly be core movements, which are better for building strength and muscle faster. Also, core exercises help you burn substantially more calories overall than isolated movements. A great benefit to circuit training is that, opposed to traditional weight training routines, that take any where from one to two hours to finish. Circuit training takes 20 to 45 minutes to finish, causing you to burn more calories in less amount of time. Due to the high intensity of circuit training, your metabolism will continue to work at a high rate throughout the day, thus causing you to burn a substantial amount of calories even after you finished your workout. This effect is nearly nonexistent in low intensity weight lifting, cardio or aerobic workouts.

There are two types of circuit training you can do. Either by weight lifting, where you would work two opposing groups of muscles at once. Or with body weight exercises (calisthenics), combined with plyometrics.

BURN MEGA CALORIES with circuit training exercises

10 circuit training exercises, 1 minute each, 20 sec rests between sets, this is an awesome full body workout!

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