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2011 Ultimate Bicep Blast

The next time you are working out your biceps, focus on the quality of each repetition rather than on how many sets you do.  Ultimate bicep development is not achieved by doing 101 sets but rather by doing the right exercises the right way.

Try the workout below the next time you are working out your biceps.  This is a circuit training workout and therefore you want to perform one exercise and then immediately move on to the next exercise without a break.  Once you have completed the circuit, try and repeat the circuit again.  Continue to repeat the circuit until you can only manage 1 to 5 repetitions per exercise.  Ideally, you want to get about 6 to 12 repetitions per exercise.  If you can do three circuits in a row in this range than you should increase the weight.  If you can’t do more than one circuit in this range, then you should decrease the weight.

MMA Drills – 3 Basic Uses of Circuit Training in an MMA Workout Program

Regardless of how much or how little time you have to train for MMA you should be doing circuit training. For those of you who do not know what this is, it is simply a way of structuring your MMA Workout. Traditional weightlifting tends to have breaks between each set. Circuit training differs in that you train many different parts of your body in a contiguous chain (or circuit) before you rest or restart the circuit.


There are many advantages to incorporating circuit training in your MMA program, but I cover those in another article. Simply put though, circuit training allows you to intensely condition your muscles for MMA competition, while also building strength and even cardio.


Here are three basic ways that circuit training is used in MMA workouts:

Daniel Craig Workout – The 007 Bond Circuit Training Program

For the newest James Bond movie the Daniel Craig workout has changed.

In Craig’s first Bond movie — Casino Royale… the emphasis was on muscularity and low body fat. In this latest of the James Bond 007 movies, the workout was very similar but the diet was strict.

In essence the Daniel Craig workout was based on the following repetition and set scheme.

Craig would do four sets — one of them was a warm-up set — of each exercise over six week.