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Intensive Six Pack Abs Program through Circuit Training

Abdominals are the most difficult part of the body in terms of muscle development. Serious weightlifters who momentarily stopped from working out can still keep their defined muscles in virtually all parts of the body, but bypassing a couple of abdominal exercise sessions will result in the abs to lose their muscles and go back to its flabby state. Abdomen tends to store fats easily, and losing it is extremely difficult.

MMA Drills – 3 Basic Uses of Circuit Training in an MMA Workout Program

Regardless of how much or how little time you have to train for MMA you should be doing circuit training. For those of you who do not know what this is, it is simply a way of structuring your MMA Workout. Traditional weightlifting tends to have breaks between each set. Circuit training differs in that you train many different parts of your body in a contiguous chain (or circuit) before you rest or restart the circuit.


There are many advantages to incorporating circuit training in your MMA program, but I cover those in another article. Simply put though, circuit training allows you to intensely condition your muscles for MMA competition, while also building strength and even cardio.


Here are three basic ways that circuit training is used in MMA workouts:

A U.S. Army Sergeant has implemented Mike Geary’s Circuit Training Program – Read For Yourself How Powerful It Is!

I had an interview with Mike Geary – a personal trainer and an certified nutritionist as regards circuit exercises. These kind of exercises are very intense and can take you to the next level in terms of fitness and burning fat.

I just need to warn you that this is not for amateurs. You need to be in a minimum shape in order to start implementing this. Of course any exercise should be combined with a healthy nutrition that supports the exercises and give your body the energy it needs.

And now to the interview:

Daniel Craig Workout – The 007 Bond Circuit Training Program

For the newest James Bond movie the Daniel Craig workout has changed.

In Craig’s first Bond movie — Casino Royale… the emphasis was on muscularity and low body fat. In this latest of the James Bond 007 movies, the workout was very similar but the diet was strict.

In essence the Daniel Craig workout was based on the following repetition and set scheme.

Craig would do four sets — one of them was a warm-up set — of each exercise over six week.