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Preparing for Circuit Training in Body Building

When a body builder starts out in circuit training, it is important that he or she builds up on the intensity gradually and progressively. For instance in the first one month or so, a single set for every exercise is enough to stimulate growth and build a foundation on which later intensity levels will be solidified. After that, in the consequent month, then you can advance to two sets per exercise, ensuring that you maintain the exercise form and proper dieting.

In circuit training therefore, the training intensity should be increased by and by, though not too slowly that the body is under-challenged. The idea is to overload the muscles with a regulated training intensity gradually, so that you can accumulate growth though the training program. Overload is what stimulates great muscle growth, endurance and strength. Serve the net or ask any qualified expert on body building workouts for an illustration of a suitable circuit training workout. When you get one that promises and has a history of effectiveness, emulate it but remember to modify the intensity and exercises choice to factor in your specific training needs and level.

The circuit training workout should be completed at least twice within a duration of maximum 40 minutes. Additionally, factor some time for warm-up exercises and stretching. Again after finishing with one exercise, allow a rest period of about 30 seconds. Again, the workout should be allocated two training sessions in a week, maximum three.

Begin the workout by selecting the ideal weights ensuring that the weights you select allow you to adequately complete the rep range in good form and then achieve absolute muscle failure. Your last but one rep should feel a bit more difficult that any other, while the last rep should be the ultimate in fatigue, such that you can not finish a single rep more. Any time you are able to finish a sat lightly, then know that your training weight is far below the ideal and that you need to add a few reps on the set. Absolute muscle fatigue makes your muscles feel a burning sensation, a solidification and an intensification of muscle size. But if the muscles feel pain at the end of a set, or when you can not finish the rep range before muscle collapse, then know that your training weight is far too heavy that ideal. Select a slightly lighter training weight.

The most important thing in circuit training workouts is not the exercises used but the implementation procedure. The exercises that you choose must be perform properly and to the ideal training intensity as set out by your training program. Ideally, identify the exercises that will help you isolate and individually stimulate specific muscles and or muscle groups. Circuit training needs you to sit down and plan out your training sessions in a way that isolate all muscle groups and allocates them training time in the routine, ensuring that the growth will be even al over the physique.


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