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Physical Fitness Suggestions – The Added Benefits of Circuit Training

Exercise regimens in the market today vary in a lot of different ways. Some are meant to target only certain muscle groups, others focus on strength and flexibility, while still others like Pilates puts muscle control at the core. However, if you’re looking for a routine that combines aerobics and strength training in one fast, non-stop, highly challenging workout, then circuit training might just be what you’re looking for. Law enforcement personnel and athletes use this form of exercise regularly.

What exactly is circuit training?

Circuit training is a high-energy aerobic workout combined with weights that pushes your body aerobically and challenges your strength. Unlike other exercises that allow you to take breaks in between, constant motion is what sets circuit training apart. You must keep moving during the whole routine and if you really need to take a break, a 10 second walk will do. Whatever you do, you must not stop but keep your butt moving.

A circuit training, routine, either done individually or with a group, consists of a certain number of exercises that are performed sequentially. A high number of repetitions using reduced weights that serve to tone muscle, reduce fat and increase endurance characterize a circuit training routine. One example of circuit training is that of doing quick short sprints followed by jogging or walking for a certain period of time before sprinting again. Another is that of moderate to lightweight lifting for a high number of repetitions to be followed by the same actions for a different group of muscles.

Circuit training offers many benefits. For starters, it works out your aerobic system and strength at the same time. Since you are allowed relatively fewer or even non-existent rest periods, it’s the best exercise for men looking to build muscle. It’s a complete fitness training system that improves your current fitness level, sets-off fatigue and enhances your overall health. It can be done anywhere, too. Unlike gym-centered strength training programs, circuits can be done in your backyard, park or any other place that’s convenient. Thus, it saves you time and money. Besides, the relatively short amount of time required to finish one circuit training routine will give you enough time to do the things you have neglected to do when you were still tied up to the gym.

Another benefit of circuit training is that it allows you to breakthrough boring routines and the so-called exercise plateau. Adjustments can be made to create the perfect circuit for you and your exercise group. It keeps the motivation going too, since circuit training is fun, especially when done together with family or friends. If you’re having a great time doing your workout, you’ll more likely to carry through with it.

Indeed, circuit training is a cheap but effective training program that improves your cardiovascular conditioning, increases strength and burns fat all at the same time. So if you’re looking for a short, high-intensity workout that keeps the boredom at bay, try circuit training and reap huge benefits.


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