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Intensive Six Pack Abs Program through Circuit Training

Abdominals are the most difficult part of the body in terms of muscle development. Serious weightlifters who momentarily stopped from working out can still keep their defined muscles in virtually all parts of the body, but bypassing a couple of abdominal exercise sessions will result in the abs to lose their muscles and go back to its flabby state. Abdomen tends to store fats easily, and losing it is extremely difficult.

Six pack abs plans have a relatively demanding nature. But people can modify the plan every so often and introduce variations into their exercise routine. A Plan for abdominal training is not as strict as the other programs.

One kind of abdominal program is basic circuit training. Circuit is termed as completing a series of exercises and their recommended number of sets and repetitions. Listed below are some tips for a basic circuit training session:

One session ought to be composed of two circuits for the first couple of weeks of training. Inject a maximum of 30-second rest period in between each group of routines. Rest period between consecutive circuits should vary from 1 to 2 minutes.

Following the second week, you will be getting familiar with the program and should be fairly modified to advance the training to a higher level.

Increase the amount of reps to three times per session. Include moderate weights for each program. Plates and dumbbells work extremely well. Weights can be increased to 10% or less as the muscles strengthen.

Introduced below is an example schedule for basic circuit training.


Abdominals are emphasized and exercises ought to be done in single sets with 15 repetitions, unless specified. Rest intervals between sets really should be avoided.

Standard crunch Bent-leg knee raise Oblique V-up – 10 repetitions for each side Bridge – 2 repetitions Back extensions

Abs training should be followed by a full-body workout. Each routine should have two sets with 12 repetitions. Rest period between sets should be strictly followed.

Squats Bench press Pull down Military press Upright row Triceps pushdown Leg extension Biceps curl Leg curl


Light cardiovascular exercises for 30 minutes. Tuesday training is optional.


This is a full-body workout with emphasis in the abdominal areas, and is very similar with the Monday training. The number of sets and repetitions for abdominal exercises are maintained, but routines are changed.

Standing crunch Pulse up – 12 repetitions Saxon side bend – 10 repetitions for each side Side bridge – 2 repetitions Back extensions

Full-body workout is the same with the Monday training.


Training is an optional 45-minute cardiovascular exercise.


Legs and lower body are emphasized in a full-body workout. Routines are done in two sets with 12 repetitions.

Squats Bench press Pull down Traveling lounge Military press Upright row Triceps pushdown Leg extension Biceps curl Leg curl

Basic circuit training can be restructured in order to become suited to intermediate and advanced training. An Advanced circuit might include low-intensity cardio exercises early in the day and workouts for various body parts in the afternoon. It also requires fasting before the morning session, and weekends will be within the program.

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