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What Is Circuit Training

Circuit Training Workouts for Women

The reputation regarding circuit training keeps growing thanks to the amazing benefits it can attain. Aside from halving the progress time (as compared with unbroken state cardio) and putting your entire body into a fat-burning stage for as long as forty-eight hours, the truth that they can be conducted anywhere with hardly any equipment, makes them a very attractive form of fat-burning routine. Aside from the benefit of being able to perform them anywhere, your circuit training routines can also claim the best possible results in lower than twenty minutes.

Circuit Training Machines

Usually there is no circuit training machines needed for simple exercises. You can do them with the help of any furniture at home. You can create your own exercises available at your house such as chairs, tables or swings and monkey bars which children use to play. There are some special circuit training machines that make your work easy. If you afford to buy them, it is a one time exercise that will help you perform your workouts easier and without stress.

Physical Fitness Suggestions – The Added Benefits of Circuit Training

Exercise regimens in the market today vary in a lot of different ways. Some are meant to target only certain muscle groups, others focus on strength and flexibility, while still others like Pilates puts muscle control at the core. However, if you’re looking for a routine that combines aerobics and strength training in one fast, non-stop, highly challenging workout, then circuit training might just be what you’re looking for. Law enforcement personnel and athletes use this form of exercise regularly.

Circuit Training 101 – Very Important Info to Know

An exercise which combines intense aerobics and strength training in one fast-paced workout is known as circuit training. A prescribed set of exercises is given for a single program, and upon the completion of a single circuit, one performs the exercise all over again for another circuit. In circuit training, the time between exercises is short as one rapidly moves from one exercise to the next. There are usually ten exercise stations in a circuit training routine with each exercise taking no more than 60 seconds to complete with a 30-60 second rest interval between stations.

MMA Drills – 3 Basic Uses of Circuit Training in an MMA Workout Program

Regardless of how much or how little time you have to train for MMA you should be doing circuit training. For those of you who do not know what this is, it is simply a way of structuring your MMA Workout. Traditional weightlifting tends to have breaks between each set. Circuit training differs in that you train many different parts of your body in a contiguous chain (or circuit) before you rest or restart the circuit.


There are many advantages to incorporating circuit training in your MMA program, but I cover those in another article. Simply put though, circuit training allows you to intensely condition your muscles for MMA competition, while also building strength and even cardio.


Here are three basic ways that circuit training is used in MMA workouts: