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Advantages of Circuit Training

There are many advantages of circuit training

The advantages of circuit training are wide spread. First of all one of the main advantage circuit training has over forms of traditional training is time. Rather than working on separate goals such as strength, endurance, cardiovascular conditioning, agility and flexibility in different sessions which can lead to a lengthy training week all these elements can be worked on in one hour session! If your goals are pretty much for an increase in all elements of fitness coupled with some fat loss you can’t go far wrong with circuit training.

The second advantage of circuit training is equipment

To get a really good circuit training workout your really don’t need any equipment at all. Body weight training is completely sufficient for circuit training so this means you can train nearly anywhere! A little equipment can be used to spice up a circuit training routine but a simple kettlebell, medicine ball or set of dumbbells is more than enough.

The third advantage of circuit training

No expensive gym fees or restrictions are placed upon you. After the initial out lay for a stop watch and if you choose a piece of equipment you’re set!

Here is an excellent circuit training technique that will give you a whole body workout and can be done anywhere it just requires a pack of cards! This will really show you the advantages of circuit training for overall fitness

circuit trainingShuffle the deck well- (you’ll see why this is really important in a minute) leave the deck face down on a table. Assign an exercise to each suit- multi joint compound exercises are the order of the day-I like to choose¬† hearts-Hindu press ups, clubs- burpees, diamonds- squats, spades- jumping lunges. Now start the stop watch and deal from the top. The numeric value of the card represents how many reps of that given exercise to complete so 8 of spades for me would be 8 jumping lunges. Work your way through the deck as quickly as possible and aim to beat your time in every circuit training session.

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